Element Requirements Table

The NCIC FROI SROI Element Requirements Table provides the NCIC FROI and SROI business data element requirements. The Table defines the data element requirements for the FROI and SROI records to the Maintenance Type Code (MTC) level. Further, the Element Requirements Table provides data element requirements that differ based on Report Type (MTC) criteria established on the NCIC Event Table.

Mandatory/Conditional and Expected/Conditional data elements are normally optional, but become mandatory under conditions established by the receiver. If the defined condition exists, the data element becomes mandatory and mandatory rules apply. The NCIC FROI SROI Conditional Data Element Table represents the NCIC FROI SROI data elements that are Mandatory/Conditional and Expected/Conditional and the conditions that apply.

The Benefit Requirements & Requirement Conditions table provides the NCIC SROI Benefit Data Element Requirements. Refer to the NCIC Benefit Data Element Requirements Conditions for the specific data element M/C (Mandatory/Conditional) conditions and to the Edit Matrix for the edits that will be applied based on the data element requirements.